G-Spot Guide: Info & Tips For Beginners

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 Everything You Need To Know About The G-Spot

This guide to G-spot exploration will teach you about your body, and will help you discover new ways to pleasure yourself. The G-spot is famously illusive for many women, but for some women it creates mind-blowing pleasure, even female ejaculation. It is best to look at G-spot exploration as a journey in itself, and to focus solely on your own pleasure. No judgments. No pressure. Just pleasure.

Exploration & Discovery

The G-spot’s position, physical characteristics and sensitivity vary greatly from woman to woman. Every woman’s g-spot response is completely unique. If you have difficulty locating your g-spot, just remember that all sexual experiences are meant to be pleasurable and fun. Do what feels good to you and let go of society’s expectations, as well as your partner’s and even your own. Like every other erogenous zone, such as the neck, breasts, inner thighs or clitoris, your preferences will differ from other women. Some women love being stimulated in this way, while others think it’s nothing special or even annoying. There is no magic button that will deliver the ultimate sexual experience. There is no right or wrong way to orgasm. This guide, along with every other guide that we offer, was written to help our readers to enhance and improve their sex lives. By following the advice below, you’ll be taking an important step towards having your best g-spot experience possible.

Remember: Have fun, relax and just enjoy exploring your wonderful body.

What is the G-Spot? 

The G-Spot is named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, who discovered the unique area, located underneath the surface of the front wall of the vagina (facing the belly) about 2 inches inside. Stimulation of this area creates extremely pleasurable sexual experiences (from intense orgasms to female ejaculation) for some, but not all, women. The G-Spot often (but not always) feels like a slight bump or a raised area with the texture of a walnut shell. In order to find and properly stimulate the G-spot, a woman must be highly aroused, her vaginal tissues very engorged and thoroughly lubricated. The application of gentle but firm pressure is essential to G-Spot exploration, in order to find and properly stimulate the area. The G-Spot does not have a great deal of nerve endings, so use a much firm touch than you would with your clitoris, for example. The G-Spot can be stimulated in many ways: using two fingers in a come-hither motion, with your partner’s penis in certain sexual positions, and more easily with a specially designed G-Spot Vibrator or G-Spot Dildo.

There are many theories as to how or why G-Spot stimulation creates such strong results in some women, but reliable research has not given any definitive answers. Popular theories include:

1. The erectile tissue surrounding the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body, is being stimulated.

2. G-Spot stimulation massages the crura, a part of the interconnected complex of nerves that stimulate the clitoris.

3. The urethral bulbs are being stimulated.

G-Spot Stimulators

Firm, gentle pressure is needed to find and pleasurably stimulate the G-spot. Many firm, classically shaped sex toys can be used to stimulate your G-Spot, but G-Spot vibrators and dildos are specially designed and specifically shaped to take the guesswork out of G-Spot stimulation.

5 Favorite G-Spot Stimulators:

Ella: high-quality, firm, double-ended dildo; perfect curve for varying degrees of stimulation

Mona: a quiet, strong, multifunctional vibrator that offers wonderful external or internal stimulation; silicone; rechargeable

Rabbit Habit: dual-action, Japanese vibrator; provides g-spot and clitoral stimulation

Bgee: a good beginner G-spot vibrator; velvety, hard plastic; good value

Gigi: highest quality, rechargeable, G-spot vibrator; quiet yet powerful; silicone with an insulated handle

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Time and privacy are vital to G-Spot exploration. You need a comfortable, relaxing environment, and a bottle of personal lubricant. You may want to trim your nails, or at least make sure there are no rough, sharp edges that may hurt you. It is a good idea to explore for the first time by yourself, but you may also choose to experiment with G-Spot play with your partner. You will probably be more comfortable if you urinate before beginning your G-spot explorations. G-Spot stimulation can create the sensation of needing to urinate, and relieving yourself before you begin will rid you of anxiety or discomfort.

Relaxation & Arousal 

The essential ingredients to enjoyable G-Spot stimulation are relaxation and arousal. It is very difficult for a woman to become thoroughly aroused or capable of orgasm without being comfortable with her body, with her partner, in her surroundings, etc. Slow down, relax, get comfortable, and then get turned on. Very, very turned on. For many women, a bubble bath followed by a sexy film or novel, and some fun time with your favorite vibrator usually do the trick. You are welcome to do whatever arousing activities work for you. When you become aroused, the tissues within your vagina swell, and this is what will allow you to find your G-Spot. Without being fully aroused, that area of your vagina will feel almost identical to the walls elsewhere along your vaginal canal.

Finger & Find 

At first, it is best to explore your G-Spot with your fingers. By using your fingers, you will be more connected to your physical responses, and will discover your G-Spot’s location and feel more easily. It is important that you use firm and gentle pressure, moving your fingers in a come-hither motion. Your G-Spot will be located beneath the surface of the front wall of your vagina (facing your stomach), about two inches inside. For some (not all) women, the G-Spot’s texture is distinct from the smooth vaginal wall, wrinkly like a walnut shell or raised. You will know you have found the G-Spot when you experience a unique sensation, which may feel a bit like the urge to urinate. Every woman is different, so just enjoy your own, personal experience. G-spot sensitivity varies greatly from woman to woman, and changes depending on your particular timing and this particular experience. During your G-Spot exploration, the sensations your massage creates will evolve and change. Relax. Breathe. Enjoy your body.


When you have become more experienced with G-Spot play, you may want to experiment with different ways to enhance your pleasure. Before you begin exploring ways to add additional stimulation, you should be very aroused and aware of your G-Spot. Don’t add anything new until you have thoroughly connected with the feel of G-Spot stimulation. If you add clitoral stimulation too early, you will not benefit from a full G-Spot orgasm. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Try out different kinds of pressure and stimulation against the G-Spot: rhythmic pulses, sweeping movements, swoops, twists, fast and slow, etc.
  2. Change your position during self-pleasuring. Stimulation will feel different depending on your body position. During one G-Spot play session, you may choose to lay on your stomach with your hips tilted up a bit. Next time, try laying on your back with your with your knees bent up to your chest. Use your imagination, experiment and indulge in your pleasure.
  3. Tightening and releasing your vaginal muscles will greatly increase your arousal and provide a stronger, deeper orgasm.
  4. Combining cunnilingus with G-Spot massage is an amazing experience. Take the time to teach your partner how to properly stimulate your G-Spot; it will be time well spent.
  5. While you continue stimulating your G-Spot with your fingers or a G-Spot toy, use your other hand to massage the mons pubis (the triangle-shaped area above your genitals that grows hair, also called the Mound.) Place pressure against your mons pubis with the heel of your palm or your fingers, massaging around the entire area. This dual massage of your mons pubis and your G-Spot will indirectly stimulate your clitoris, while providing stimulation both internally and externally.
  6. You or your partner can use a vibrator to tease your body, while you continue to massage your G-Spot. Your vibrator will feel good on your nipples, under your breasts, on your mons pubis, around your clitoris and on your labia minora (your inner “lips.”)
  7. Experiment with different sexual positions during intercourse. Depending on the curve of your partner’s shaft, different positions will provide different amounts of G-Spot stimulation. Have pillows available to help comfortably create the perfect angle of your hips. Woman-on-top and “doggy style” work well with many couples, but you should experiment to find out what works best for you and your partner. 

Female Ejaculation

There is a great deal of controversy about the reality of female ejaculation and the G-spot. The fact is, many women state that they DO have G-Spots and that they DO ejaculate. I’m pretty sure that good things happen when women choose to explore and enjoy our bodies while trying new things. What’s the harm in a little experimentation, and learning about your body? Have fun exploring your vagina and your G-spot, and forget about the naysayers.

Don’t put pressure on yourself or judge yourself. Each and every sexual experience can be an exciting, fun adventure, if you let go of your expectations. Maybe you’ll ejaculate and maybe you won’t, but if you focus on your own pleasure you are guaranteed to have an amazing time!

The sensations of G-Spot stimulation and ejaculation have similarities to the feeling of needing to urinate. For that reason, it is important that you urinate before you begin G-Spot play. That way, you won’t be concerned that you are going to pee. You will probably have to stimulate your G-Spot for a long period of time before you will be able to ejaculate, twenty minutes or longer. You might feel a lot of pressure, and you will feel like you have to pee. Now, you must let go of your anxiety about peeing. Just let that go. You will not urinate on yourself. Just relax and let go. Often, when you feel like you have to stop stimulating yourself, like you can’t continue, you are actually very close to “squirting.” It may take more than one G-Spot session

If you want to have intense, vaginal orgasms and experience female ejaculation, it is important that you strengthen and learn to use your vaginal muscles. Tightening and releasing these muscles while you are being stimulated will greatly intensify your sexual experience.

Some women state that clitoral stimulation helps with ejaculation, some say it doesn’t. Some women ejaculate when the G-Spot massager (whether it is the vibrator, dildo, fingers or penis) is removed, while others don’t. Some women ejaculate naturally, without any special method. Other women needed to focus on G-spot stimulation for months before they managed to ejaculate. Every woman is different. Keep experimenting and enjoying your body. Maybe you’ll discover something you love that has nothing to do with your G-Spot.

Quick How-To Review:

  1. You must be relaxed and highly aroused.
  2. Look for your G-spot two inches inside your vagina, beneath the surface of the vaginal wall facing your stomach.
  3. Requires firm, gentle pressure to find and stimulate.
  4. Use your fingers in a come-hither motion or a g-spot toy
  5. Enhance your experience with additional stimulation
  6. Vary your position
  7. Introduce your partner to your G-Spot
  8. Use your kegel muscles to enhance your experience
  9.  Urinate before beginning G-Spot massage

Remember: Like any erogenous zone, such as the neck, breasts, inner thighs or clitoris, G-Spot sensitivities and preferences vary greatly from woman to woman. There is no magic button that will immediately deliver the ultimate sexual experience. Let go of any pressure to orgasm “the right way.” Find out what you like, and free yourself of pressure, judgment or guilt. Have fun, relax and just enjoy exploring your wonderful body.

If you are still curious and want to learn more, you may enjoy reading a book about the G-Spot.  





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